Geospatial Kuala Lumpur 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1 - 3 October 2019

Conference Proceedings


Track : SDSC 2019

Papers (ISPRS Annals)
Improving GPS Trajectories using 3D City Models and Kinematic Point Clouds
- Y. Dehbi, L. Lucks, J. Behmann, L. Klingbeil, L. Pl¨Umer
Comparative Analysis of LSTM, RF and SVM Architectures for Predicting Wind Nature for Smart City Planning
- Shubhi Harbola, Volker Coors
Contribution of Sustainable Design to Critical Regionalism: Analysing Sustainability Effectiveness in Vernacular Urban Building
- Stephen T.F. Poon
Big Data in Emission Producing Manufacturing Industries – An Explorative Literature Review
- E. Hämäläinen, T. Inkinen
Aggregation in Land-Cover Data Generalization Considering Spatial Structure Characteristics
- P.D. Wu, Y. Yin, C.M. Li, X.L. Liu
Understanding Smart City: A Shareable Framework. The Case of China
- Chengming Li, Xiaoli Liu, Zhaoxin Dai And Pengda Wu
A Database System for Smart Sustainable Islands Index Application
- Vassilios C. Moussas, Dimos N. Pantazis, Argyrakis Panagiotis
The Implementation of Big Data Analysis in Regulating Online Short-Term Rental Business: A Case of Airbnb in Beijing
- J. Li, F. Biljecki
Universities as Smart City Drivers in Small and Medium-Sized Cities
- L. Bodum, D. Moreno
A Large Scale Classification of Public Spaces using a Study of Perception and Public Data from Inegi of the City of Puebla, San Pedro Cholula and San Andres Cholula
- A. Oliart Ros, T. Gonz´Alez Cacho, D. Sol Mart´Inez, D. Clavijo Plourde
A Requirement Analysis on Extending Semantic 3D City Models for Supporting Time-Dependent Properties
- K. Chaturvedi, T. H. Kolbe
Smart Governance in the Capital City of Warsaw with the use of ICT and Geoinformation Technologies
- D. Gotlib, T. Kulisiewicz, M. Muraszkiewicz, R. Olszewski
Happy or Scared – Detecting Emotions of Pedelec Drivers in Urban Areas
- H. Dastageeri, P. Rodrigues, J. Silberer
Towards Egress Modelling in Voxel Building Models
- Ben Gorte, Mitko Aleksandrov, Sisi Zlatanova
Systems Architecture for Management of BIM, 3D GIS and Sensors Data
- M. Aleksandrov, D. Abdoulaye, J. Yan, W. Li, S. Zlatanova
Recognition of Urban Functional Regions at Street Scale based on LJ1-01 Night-Time Light Remote Sensing and Mobile Big Data
- Qiming Zhou, Yang Zhang, Duo Gao, Bo Sun
Papers (ISPRS Archives)
Integrated Management and Visualization of Static and Dynamic Properties of Semantic 3D City Models
- K. Chaturvedi, Zhihang Yao, T. H. Kolbe
Cybersecurity Strategy for Smart City Implementation
- RG Guntur Alam, Huda Ibrahim
The Maximization of the 4th Dimension of the Building Site
- M. Rotilio, E. Laurini, M. Lucarelli, P. De Berardinis
Attention-Based Location Information Extraction with Sequential Unstructured Data
- Kyunghyun Min, Kiyun Yu and Jiyoung Kim
Green City a Smart City. Case Study of Warsaw
- Elzbieta Bielecka and Beata Calka
Reinforcement Learning for Optimal Transit Network Design and Frequency Setting
- Sunhyung Yoo, Brian Lee and Hoon Han
Accuracy Assessment of 3D Positioning from Non-metric Short Range UAV Data Over Dense Urban Areas
- Camilo Leon and Miguel Blanco
Multi-later Perceptron based POI Recommendation with Neighborhood
- Jungseok Lee, Kiyun Yu and Jiyoung Kim
The Use of Deep Learning to Extract Relevant Data from Floorplan for 3D Modelling
- Ji Yeup Kim, Ki Yun Yu and Ji Young Kim
Semantic Land Use Segmentation from Aerial Images using Deep Learning Approach
- Tee-Ann Teo and Fang-Yu Lin
Population Density Data for Smart Cities
- Beata Calka

Track : LADM 2019

The scope of LADM revision is shaping up
- Christiaan Lemmen, Peter van Oosterom, Abdullah Kara, Eftychia Kalogianni, Anna Shnaidman, Agung Indrajit and Abdullah Allatas
Code list management supported through a controlled domain vocabulary
- Erik Stubkjær, Hans-Christoph Gruler, Scott Simmons and Volkan Çağdaş
A Suggested Terminology for Point-Like Entities in a Bi-Temporal Representation of 2D and 3D Land Administration Data
- Rod Thompson and Peter van Oosterom
LADM Refined Survey Model
- Anna Shnaidman, Peter van Oosterom and Christiaan Lemmen
An LADM-based 3D Underground Utility Data Model: A Case Study of Singapore
- Jingya Yan, Kean Huat Soon, Siow Wei Jaw and Gerhard Schrotter
Easement spatialization with two cases based on BIM
- Shen Ying, Yifan Xu, Chengpeng Li, Renzhong Guo and Lin Li
Design and implementation of a 3D National Digital Cadastral Database based on Land Administration Domain Model; Lessons Learned from a 3D Cadaster Project in Malaysia
- Abbas Rajabifard, Behnam Atazadeh, Kit Meng Yip, Mohsen Kalantari, Mohsen Rahimipour Anaraki, Hamed Olfat, Farshad Badiee, Davood Shojaei, Chan Keat Lim and Mohd Azua Mohd Zain
How to quickly detect the overlap and the consistency between LADM with LandInfra and LandXML: Application of schema matching techniques
- Jacynthe Pouliot, Claire Monney, Jens Ingensand and Suzie Larrivée
Exploring and Assessing STDM and LADM for gender equitable land administration
- Christiaan Lemmen, Eva-Maria Unger, Monica Lengoiboni, Marisa Balas, Kholoud Saad, Rohan Bennett, Peter van Oosterom, Jaap Zevenbergen and Martinus Vranken
LADM based models for sustainable development LD-DRM for disaster prone areas and communities (an example for SDG 1 and SDG 13)
- Eva-Maria Unger, Rohan Bennett, Christiaan Lemmen, Jaap Zevenbergen, Paula Dijkstra and Kees de Zeeuw
Interoperability issues related to LADM profiled implementations – A first exploration
- Peter Oukes, Christiaan Lemmen and Erwin Folmer
Country Profiles/Implementations I
On the Design of a Modern and Generic Approach to Land Registration: The Colombia Experience
- Javier Morales, Christiaan Lemmen, Rolf de By, Mathilde Molendijk, ErnstPeter Oosterbroek and Alvaro Enrique Ortiz Davila
The Role of the LADM in the transactional flow of Land Administration – Case: Colombia
- Daniel Casalprim and Golgi Alvarez
Implementation of the Spatial Planning Package for Construction of an LADM Country Profile: Reducing Asymmetric Access to Information of RRRs in Indonesia
- Agung Indrajit, Virgo Eresta Jaya, Bastiaan van Loenen, Anna Shnaidman, Hendrik Ploeger and Peter van Oosterom
Country Profiles/Implementations II
LADM country profiles development: aspects to be reflected and considered
- Eftychia Kalogianni, Mohsen Kalantari, Efi Dimopoulou and Peter van Oosterom
Database Design and Development of 3D Cadastral Registration based on LADM
- Nur Amalina Zulkifli, Alias Abdul Rahman and Chengxi Bernad Siew
Initial Country Profile of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on LADM
- Abdullah Alattas, Peter van Oosterom and Sisi Zlatanova
LADM-based Israeli Country Profile: Toward Implementation of 3D Cadastre Registration
- Anna Shnaidman, Peter van Oosterom, Shimom Barazani, Anat Marcovich and Shuli Avni Shoham
The Role of LADM in Configurable Geographic Information Systems
- Katherine Smyth Uganda and Tanzania
Land Administration Modernization Based on IT-Leap Concept
- Aurélie Milledrogues, Igor Popiv, Maksym Kalyta and Carol Roffer
Developing an LADM-compliant Mobile Data Collector for Accelerating Participatory Cadastral Mapping and Registration Activities
- Trias Aditya, I Ketut Gede Ary Sucaya, Fajar Adi Nugroho, Han Han Lukman Syahid and Dany Laksono
Agent-Based Simulation modeling Approach for Tenure Security Dynamics
- Padmakumara Milinda Piyasena Nawasiya Mudiyanselage

Track : GGT 2019

Papers (ISPRS Archives)
Seagrass Habitat Suitability Map at Merambong Shoal, Johor: A Premilinary Study using Multibeam Echosounder and Maxent Modelling
- Muhammad Abdul Hakim Muhamad, Rozaimi Che Hasan
3D Geospatial Database Schema for Istanbul 3D City Model
- Alias Abdul Rahman, Hanis Rashidan, Ivin Amri Musliman, Gurcan Buyuksalih, Serdar Bayburt, and Peyami Baskaraca
Seismic Strain Map in Malaysia Derived from Long-Term Global Positioning System Data
- Mohamad Shazani Mohamad, Wan Anom Wan Aris, Nur Jehan JaffarRusli Othman
Modeling Urban Crime Patterns using Spatial Space Time and Regression Analysis
- Hasranizam Hashim, Wan Mohd Naim Wan Mohd, Eran Sadek Said Md Sadek, Khoiri Mohd Dimyati
An Area Mering Method in Map Generalization Considering the Boundary Characteristics of Structured Geographic Objects
- Pengda Wu, Yong Yin, Chengming Li
Flood Hazard Assessment using Participatory Approach and Weighted Overlay Methods
- Tehmina Bibi, Falak Nawaz, Alias Abdul Rahman
The Presence of Geophysical Loadings in GPS Observations using General Least Squares Approaches
- Nur Surayatul Atikah Alihan, Dudy Darmawan Wijaya, Ami Hassan Md Din, Abdullah Hisam Omar
Integration Between Surface and Subsurface Spatial Objects for Developing Oman 3D SDI based on the CityGML Standard
- Khalid Al Kalbani,Prof.Dr Alias Abdul Rahman
Mobile Indoor Laser Scanning for 3D Strata Registration Purposes based on IndoorGML
- Nizar Hashim,M. Imzan Hassan,Alias Abdul Rahman
An Approach of Vicarious Calibration of Sentinel-2 Satellite Multispectral Image based on Spectral Library for Mapping Oil Spills
- Jamal Althawadi, Mazlan Hashim
Hotine Oblique Mercator Map Projection in Proj4js Library
- Khairul Anshar, Nanna Suryana, Mohd Fairuz Iskandar Othman
Consideration and Exploration on the Demand Changes of Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information
- Xiaoli Liu, Chengming Li
Geospatial Assessment and Modeling of Urban Heat Islands in Quezon City, Philippines using OLS and Geographically Weighted Regression
- Christian Kim Alcantara, John Emmanuel Escoto, Ariel Blanco
An Automated Bottom Up Hydrologic Coding System for Dendritic River System
- Zhaoxin Dai, Chengming Li, Pengda Wu, Yong Yin
Orientation-Based Pairwise COARSE Registration with Markerless Terrestrial Laser Scans
- Siti Nurhashima Mohd Isa, Shazmin Aniza Abdul Shukor
Evaluation of Advanced Data Mining Algorithms in Land Used/Land Cover Mapping
- Ali Jamali, Alias Abdul Rahman
UAV-Based Hyperspectral Data Analysis for Urban Area Mapping
- Nurul Asyikin Suran, Helmi Zulhaidi Mohd Shafri, Nur Shafira Nisa Shaharum, Nurul Ain Wahida Mohd Radzali, Kumar V.
Landsat Capability to Mapping of Total Solid Suspended (TSS) and Coastal Ecosystem
- Nurjannah Nurdin, Muhammad Helmi, Riza Yuliratno Setiawan, Mukti Zainuddin, Rustam Rustam,Agus Aris, Muhammad Akbar As
Coastal Vulnerability Index Development: A Review
- Amalina Izzati Abdul Hamid, Ami Hassan Md Din, Norhakim Yusof, Nazirah Mohamad Abdullah, Abdullah Hisam Omar, Mohd. Faisal Abdul Khanan
Spatial Prediction Models for Landslide Activity Mapping using Vegetation Anomalies
- Mohd Radhie Mohd Salleh, Zamri Ismail, Shakirah Amirah Mohd Ariff, Muhammad Zulkarnain Abd Rahman, Mohd Faisal Abdul Khanan, Mohd Asraff Asmadi, Khamarrul Azahari Razak
Analysing Student Tourist Movement based on the Utility Maximisation in Designing Tour Package in Johor Bahru
- Isabel Farid, Mohd Faisal Abdul Khanan, Hafiz Aminu Umar, Zamri Ismail
Extraction and Transformation of IFC Data to CityGML Format
- Mohammed Jawaluddeen Sani, Ivin Amri Musliman, Alias Abdul Rahman
Bio Optical Modelling of Laguna Lake using Bomber Tool and Wasi-Derived Inverted Parameters
- Rey Jalbuena, Ariel Blanco, Amihan Manuel, Raymund Sta. Ana, Justine Ace Santos
Site Selection for New Point to Point (PP) Bus Endpoints and Routes in Metro Manila, Philippines
- Karl Adrian Vergara, Joanna Sanchez and Erwin Lorenzo Bautista
Assessment of Geocentric Datum of Malaysia 2000 (GDM2000)
- Nur Jehan Jaffar, Tajul Ariffin Musa, Wan Anom Wan Aris
Probability Density based Classification and Reconstruction of Roof Structures from 3D Point Clouds
- Youness Dehbi, Sonja Koppers, Lutz Plümer
Low Data Requirements Framework for Landslide Susceptibility Prediction using 3D Alos Palsar Images and Neural Networks
- Sohaib K. M. Abujayyab, Ismail Rakıp Karaş
Seismic Damage Assessment of Lifelines based on Geospatial Analysis
- Mohammad Eskandari, Sara Goodarzi, M.A Nekooie
Multispectral and Hyperspectral Satellite Data for Alteration Mapping using Partial-Subpixel Algorithm in an Unexplored Region
- Aliyu Jaafar Abubakar, Mazlan Hashim, Amin Beiranvand Pour, Kabiru Shehu
A Review of Modelling Approaches on Tidal Analysis and Prediction
- Auwal Garba Abubakar, Mohd Razali Mahmud, Kelvin Tang Kang Wee, Alhaji Husaaini, Nur Hidayah Binti Md Yusuf
A Comparison of Machine-Learning Regression Algorithms for the Estimation of LAI using Landsat - 8 Satellite Data
- Vijay Pratap Yadav, Rajendra Prasad, Ruchi Bala, Ajeet Kumar Vishwakarma, Suraj Amarbahadur Yadav, Shubham Kumar Singh
Measurement Accuracy on 3D Point Cloud Generated using Multispectral Imagery by Different Calibration Methods
- Khairulazhar Zainuddin, Zulkepli Majid, Mohd Farid Mohd Ariff, Khairulnizam M Idris
Automated Extraction of Buildings from Aerial Lidar Point Clouds and Digital Imaging Datasets
- Ali Jamali, Pankaj Kumar, Alias Abdul Rahman
Tourists Geovisualization Analysis Utilizing Instagram Data in Central Java Province and Special Region of Yogyakarta
- Achmad Rofii, Totok Wibowo, Sudaryatno, Nur Farda
Assessing Sustainability Level from Social Aspects for Affordable Housing in Malaysia using Spatial Indicators
- Nazmin Amalina Mohamed Hafidzi, Zakri Tarmidi, Noordyana Hassan, Nurul Hana Adi Maimun, Nik Norasma Che Ya, Noorsidi Aizuddin Mat Nor, Azman Ariffin
Comparative Analysis of Various Camera Input for Videogrammetry
- Noorulya Ahmad, Nor Suhaibah Azri, Muhamad Uznir Ujang
The Implementation of Modern Geocentric Datum: A Review
- Nornajihah Mohammad Yazid, Ami Hassan Md Din, Nazirah Mohamad Abdullah, Abdullah Hisam Omar
Forest Degradation Analysis using Geospatial Techniques Approach in Tropical Region of Pahang, Malaysia
- Mohamad Al-Ekhwan Othman, Zulfa Hanan Ashaari, Ahmad Zaharin Aris, Mohammad Firuz Ramli
Machine Learning in Big Lidar Data: A Review
- Sazlieya Saupi Teri, Ivin Amri Musliman
Geospatial Machine Learning Datasets Structuring and Classification Tool: Case Study for Mapping LULC from RASAT Satellite Images
- Sohaib K. M. Abujayyab, İsmail Rakıp Karaş
Spatial Adjacency Analysis of CityGML Buildings Via 3D Topological Data Structure
- Syahiirah Salleh, Uznir Ujang, Suhaibah Azri, Tan Liat Choon
Evaluating Imagery-Derived Bathymetry of Seabed Topography to Support Marine Cadastre
- Kelvin Kang Wee Tang, Mohd Razali Mahmud, Auwal Garba Abubakar, Alhaji Hussaini
Prediction of Future Land Use Land Cover Changes of Kelantan, Malaysia
- M.A Mahamud, Narimah Samat, Mouleong Tan, Ngai Weng Chan, Y.L. Tew
Water Level Fluctuation Assessment of Lake Chad for Environmental Sustainability using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Technique
- Alhaji Hussaini, Mohd Razali Mahmud, Kelvin Kang Wee Tang, Auwal Garba Abubakar
Assessing Disaster Risk and Resilience: A Case Study in Urban Flood Vulnerable Community in Kampung Asahan, Kuala Selangor
- Mohamad Fazli Sardi, Khamarrul Azahari Razak, Rosdiana Zaini Bakri
Sentinel-1 Image Classification for City Extraction based on the Support Vector Machine and Random Forest Algorithms
- Ali Jamali, Alias Abdul Rahman
Development of 3D City Model using Videogrammetry Technique
- Afina Hairuddin, Nor Suhaibah Azri, Muhamad Uznir Ujang
Accuracy of Unsupervised Classification to Determine Coral Health using Spot-6 and Sentinel-2A
- Nurjannah Nurdin, Supriadi Supriadi, Mahatma Lanuru, Muhammad Akbar As, Indah Kartika, Teruhisa Komatsu
Spatial Variation of Urban Heat Island Intensity in Urban Cities using MODIS Satellite Data
- Ruchi Bala, Rajendra Prasad, Vijay Pratap Yadav, Jyoti Sharma
Adjustment of Cadastral Network using Least-Squares Variance Component Estimation
- Nur Khalilah Bidi, Ami Hassan Md Din, Zainal Abidin Md Som, Abdullah Hisam Omar
The Capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Slope Classification
- Nur Murfiqah Mokhtar, Norhadija Darwin, Mohd Farid Mohd Ariff, Zulkepli Majid, Khairulnizam M Idris
Integration between Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Terrestrial Laser Scanner in Producing 3D Model
- Allysa Mat Adnan, Norhadija Darwin, Mohd Farid Mohd Ariff, Zulkepli Majid, Khairulnizam M Idris
Evaluating Potential Free Software for Web-Based Multimedia Cartography
- Baqir Abdul Basir, Abdul Rauf Abdul Rasam
Effectiveness of Classification Method and Color Symbol Scheme on Choropleth Map of Population Density in Special Region of Yogyakarta
- Zulfa Nur'Aini 'Afifah, Sudaryatno
Towards 3D Smart Campus via 3D City Modelling
- Siti Sri Suriati Ramlee, Uznir Ujang,Suhaibah Azri, Nurfatiha Abdul Razak, Tan Liat Choon, Syahiirah Mohd Salleh
3D Model for Indoor Spaces using Depth Sensor
- Nurul Fatikah Mukhtar, Nor Suhaibah Azri, Muhamad Uznir Ujang
Land Use/Land Cover Assessment in a Seismically Active Region in Kundasang, Sabah
- Nur Afiqah Mohd Kamal, Khamarrul Azahari Razak, Shuib Rambat
Potential Fish Ground Breeding Area based on Localized Criteria for Sustainable Food Security
- Ainn Alfatihah Zamzuri, Muhammad Imzan Hassan
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Derived Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Crown Projection Area (CPA) to Detect Health Conditions of Young Oil Palm Trees for Precision Agriculture
- Stanley Anak Suab, Mohd Shahrizan Bin Syukur, Ram Avtar
Flood Mapping using Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Case Study of Ramsar Flash Flood
- Ali Jamali, Alias Abdul Rahman
A Review on Measuring Entrepreneurs' Social Behaviour via Spatial Analysis Techniques
- Noorain Mohd Nawawi, Muhamad Uznir Ujang, Nor Suhaibah Azri, Tan Liat Choon
Spatial Analysis of Poverty and Happiness Profiles in Special Region of Yogyakarta using Small Area Estimation Method
- Shafiera Rosa El-Yasha, Mayang Rizky, Totok Wahyu Wibowo, Sudaryatno Sudaryatno
Visibility Analysis of Huge Outdoor Advertisements Along Guadalupe Bridge in EDSA Highway from Structure-From-Motion Photogrammetry
- Maria Nathalie Manansala, Renzelle Monice Ong, Karl Adrian Vergara
The Integration of 3D Spatial and Non-Spatial Component for Strata Management
- Faraliyana Mohd Hanafi, Muhammad Imzan Hassan
An Indicator-Based Approach for Micro-Scale Physical Flood Vulnerability Mapping
- Ismaila Usman Kaoje, Muhammad Zulkarnain Abd Rahman, Tze Huey Tam, Mohd Radhie Mohd Sallah
Gravimetric Geoid Modelling Over Peninsular Malaysia using Two Different Gridding Approaches for Combining Free Air Anomaly
- Muhammad Faiz Pa'Suya, Ami Hassan Md Din, Jack McCubbine, Abdullah Hisam Omar, Zulkarnaini Mat Amin, Noor Anim Zanariah Yahaya
Standardized Database for Flood Risk Management in Morocco
- Tabyaoui Hassan, El Hammichi Fatima
Spatial Database Modeling for Speleological Inventory of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains
- El Hammichi Fatima,Tabyaoui Hassan
The Potential of Building Detection from SAR and LiDAR using Deep Learning
- Zuhaidah Nordin, Helmi Zulhaidi Mohd Shafri, Ahmad Fikri Abdullah, Shaiful Jahari Hashim
Integrating Network Concept into Multi Criteria Analysis for Suggesting Bus Rapid Transit Routes
- Nur Liyana Jamalul Shamsudin, Mohd Faisal Abdul Khanan, Hafiz Aminu Umar,Siti Nurulainni Atan, Ami Hassan Md Din
Free Global DEM: Converting DSM to DTM and its applications
- Atriyon Julzarika, Harintaka
A Web-Based Land Information System, Tool for Online Land Administration in Akure Nigeria
- Sunday Oyetayo Babalola, Uyi O Igbinomwanhia
Satellite-Based Mapping of Above-Ground Blue Carbon Storage in Seagrass Habitat within the Shallow Coastal Water
- Dalhatu Aliyu Sani, Mazlan Hashim
Cadastral Positioning Accuracy Improvement (PAI): A Case Study of Pre-Requisite Data Quality Assurance
- Norshahrizan Mohd Hashim, Abdullah Hisam Omar, Kamaludin Mohd Omar, Mohd Azwan Abbas, Mohamad Asrul Mustafar, Saiful Aman Sulaiman
Multi-Scale and Scale Dimension Properties in Spatial Raster Modelling – Concept and Current Implementation
- Hairi Karim, Alias Abdul Rahman, Mohd Radhie Mohad Salleh
Mapping the Effects of Agricultural Development to Water Yield using Remote Sensing
- Babangida Baiya, Mazlan Hashim
The Influence of Land-Use Land-Cover Changes on Urban Bird Communities
- Nurul Hawani Idris, Aina Amirah Ali, Mohamad Hafis Izran Ishak
Big Data Processing and Analysis using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 Data to Manage Floods in North of Morocco
- Tabyaoui Hassan, El Hammichi Fatima, Lahsaini Meriem
Development of Augmented Reality Pipeline Visualiser (ARPV) Application for Visualising Underground Water Pipeline
- Meng Cheng Li, Shahabuddin Amerudin, Zainab Mohamed Yusof
A Structural Model of Enterprise GIS Requirement for Johor Bahru City Council
- Azman Ariffin, Nurul Syazwani Samsudin, Uznir Ujang, Affendi Ahamad, Zakri Tarmidi
Exploring Spatio-Temporal Wave Pattern using Unsupervised Technique
- Nurul Atikah, Norhakim Yusof
Using Digital Terrestrial Photogrammetry in Cultural Heritage Case Study: The Great Wall of Gorgan in Iran
- Seyed Yousef Sadjadi
Development of Mobile Application for Gated and Guarded Community Management
- Nurfatiha Abdul Razak, Muhamad Uznir Ujang, Nor Suhaibah Azri
Boundary Re-Assessment of the Meter Reading Unit (MRU) for Tenaga Nasional Berhad, TNB Cheras
- Alia Syafika Zulkflee, Mohd Faisal Abdul Khanan, Hafiz Aminu Umar, Muhammad Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman, Nik Mohd Fadhil Nik Mohd Kamil
Investigating for 3D Turkey Cadastre with International Standards
- Mehmet Alkan and Hicret Gursoy Surmeneli
Urban Vegetation Classification with NDVI Threshold Value Method with Very High Resolution (VHR) Pleiades Imagery
- Haslina Hashim, Zulkiflee Abd Latif, Nor Aizam Adnan
Geospatial Approach for Groundwater Exploration at UTM Johor Bahru Campus
- Muhamad Asyraf Zamari, Tajul Ariffin Musa, Edy Tonnizam Mohamad
Development of Geodatabase for Archaeological Site in Bujang Valley Kedah
- Nur Umaira Mohd Aminuddin, Zulkepli Majid, Nursyahira Ahmad Fuad, Anuar Aspuri, Mohd Faizi Mohd Salleh, Mohd Farid Mohd Ariff, Khairulnizam M Idris and Norhadija Darwin
Practical Terrestrial Laser Scanning Field Procedure and Point Cloud Processing for BIM Applications – TNB Control and Relay Room 132/22kv
- Mohd Hafiz Zakaria, Khairulnizam M Idris, Zulkepli Majid, Mohd Farid Mohd Ariff, Norhadija Darwin, Mohd Azwan Abbas, Khairulazhar Zainuddin, Muhamad Afiq Aziz and Rashidah Abdul Shukor
Development of Smart Cities in Taiwan from the Perspective of Cloud Computing Security
- Shiann-Ming Wu and Yung-Chang Wu
Creating Strategic Business Value from Big Data Analysis - Application Telecom Network Data and Planning Documents
- Otmane Yazidi Alaoui, Salaheddine Hamdoune, Boulaassal Hakim, Wahbi Meriem and Omar El Kharki
Investigating the Effect of Spatial Resolution on the Estimation of Optimal Segmentation Parameters Using Worldview-2 And Sentinel-2 Images
- T. Kavzoglu, H. Tonbul
Short Papers
A Proposal to Implement Integrated GIS System in Disseminating Spatial Information for Malaysia Development Approval (Stakeholders and Applicants) – A Concept Paper
- Hairi Karim, Dato Abdul Latif Abu Seman, Mohamad Azrol Mohamad Dali, Siti Zurianah Othman, Siew Chengxi Bernad
Development of GIS Database and Facility Management System: Asset and Space in UKM
- Mohd Aizat Saiful Bahri, Khairul Nizam Abdul Maulud, Muhammad Amartur Rahman, Aslinda Oon Binti Ridzuan Oon, Adi Irfan Che Ani, Che Hafify Che Hashim, Hairi Karim, Muhammad Syahidi Hasbullah, Mohd Za’Im Aziz
Interactive 3D City Visualization from Structure Motion Data using Game Engine
- Dany Laksono, Trias Aditya, Gondang Riyadi
Spatially Modelling Net Migration in New Zealand
- Lars Brabyn
Consistency in Remote Sensing-Based Urban Mapping for Growth and Mobility Analysis
- Lasse Møller-Jensen, Albert Nii-Moe Allotey
Extent Mapping of a Major Flooding Event on the Island of Trinidad using Space-Borne Synthetic Aperture Radar
- Deanesh Ramsewak, Besham Maharaj
Urban Infrastructure and Buildings in Ruins: Damage Severity Mapping of Neighborhoods Affected by the June 08 Windstorm in Bauchi
- Kamil Muhammad Kafi, Abdulkadir Aliyu, Muhammad Saleh, Kemi Hamdat Olugbodi, Ibrahim Jibrin Abubakar, Suleiman Gambo Usman
Analysis of the Red Tide Occurrence Pattern when High Water Temperature
- Dohyun Hwang, Suho Bak, Unuzaya Enkgjargal, Minji Jeong, Hongjoo Yoon, Wonchan Seo
Prediction and Mapping of Cochlodinium Polykrikoides Red Tide using Machine Learning under Imbalanced Data
- Suho Bak, Dohyun Hwang, Unuzaya Enkhjargal, Hongjoo Yoon
Spatial Database Development for Oil Spills Pollution Affecting Water Quality System in Niger Delta
- Hafiz Aminu Umar, Mohd Faisal Abdulkhanan, Anuar Ahmad, Mohammad Jawaluddeen Sani, Muhammad Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman, Alias Abdul Rahman
Assessment of Different Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System for Production of Photogrammerty Products
- Mohd Hafis Mohd Room, Anuar Ahmad, Mohd Adly Rosly
Implementation of 3D Cadastre with Indigenous Knowledge Concept of “Tri Hita Karana” in Bali Island, Indonesia
- Ketut Tomy Suhari, Asep Yusuf Saptari, Bambang Edhi Laksono, Nyoman Robby Manik Saputra, Putu Harry Gunawan
Assessment of Sustainability of Affordable Housing in Malaysia
- Nurfarhani Rizal, Zakri Tarmidi, Najib Razali, Sufi Pisol
Public Private Partnership as a Determinant Factors of Affordable Housing in Abuja Nigeria
- Yahaya Ahmed, Ibrahim Atam Bin Sipan
Abstracts / Posters
A Geospatially Enabled Digital Twin Approach for Smart Infrastructure Application
- Dionnald Beh, Alias Abdul Rahman, Mark Schneider
Building Information Modeling Potential for an Enhanced Real Estate Valuation Method based on the Hedonic Approach
- Siham El Yamani, Mohamed Ettarid, Rafika Hajji
Hedonic Model and GIS-Based Real Estate Valuation Management in Amman/Conceptual Study
- Zubeida Aladwan, Mohd Sanusi Ahamad and Ahmad Shukri Yahya
Assessing UAV Indices as Vegetation Health Indicator for Tanjung Piai Mangrove Forest
- Sheriza Mohd Razali, Ahmad Ainuddin Nuruddin and Nurul Fatin Musa
A Study on the Site Selection for Radar Installation for Meteorological Observation
- Unuzaya Enkhjargal, Suho Bak, Dohyun Hwang, HongJoo Yoon