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Geoinformation Week

Current geospatial scenario warrants for new and advance services, solutions, and technologies. Several initiatives have been developed by the community such as Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) standard with edition II, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM), CityGML, and CityJSON. Additionally, technologies associated with geoinformation such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, 3D City Models, and Digital Twins, are increasingly relevant.

The community of Geoinformation Week, LADM, FIG Commission 5 and Commission 7, and UN Habitat STDM would like to encourage all geoinformation related professionals, researchers, and students to present and share their works at the upcoming international conference, i.e., the Geoinformation Week 2024, LADM International Workshop 2024, FIG Commission 5 Annual Meeting 2024, FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting 2024, and UN Habitat STDM 2024 in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Invitation from:

Dr. Ryan Keenan
Dr. Ryan Keenan

President FIG Commission 5

Prof. Rohan Bennett
Prof. Rohan Bennett

President FIG Commission 7

Prof. Peter van Oosterom
Prof. Peter van Oosterom

Chair for FIG LADM & 3D LA

John Gitau
John Gitau

Programme Management Officer, UN-Habitat

Prof. Alias Abdul Rahman
Prof. Alias Abdul Rahman

Chair for Geoinformation Week


24-26 September 2024

download conference poster Download conference poster here.

CPD points offered by the following societies:

6 CPD points for LJT Malaysia
8 CPD points for LJT Sarawak
6 CPD points for LJT Sabah

** Pre-conference tutorials will be organized on 23rd September 2024. More details in the conference website later.



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Filip Biljecki
Filip Biljecki
National University of Singapore Research Insights and Perspectives of Urban Digital Twins
Agung Indrajit
Agung Indrajit
National Development Planning Agency, Republic of Indonesia LADM for National Development Planning



Machine Learning to Deep Learning: Building Intelligent Systems

This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide for practitioners transitioning from traditional machine learning to deep learning approaches in the development of intelligent systems. It covers fundamental concepts, techniques, and best practices essential for harnessing the power of deep learning for solving complex problems across various domains. By covering fundamental concepts, practical techniques, and real-world applications, the tutorial empowers practitioners to tackle a wide range of challenges using state-of-the-art deep learning methodologies.

author Prof Hassan Rhinane

Prof Hassan Rhinane
Hassan II University Casablanca, Morocco

Integrating BIM in GIS using IFC and CityGML

This tutorial will review the current trends and approaches for integrating BIM and GIS, focusing on the prevailing standards in both domains, specifically IFC and CityGML. It will compare the semantics, geometry, georeferencing, and spatial structure mechanisms within these standards. Additionally, the tutorial will highlight current applications and address open issues in the domain of BIM-GIS integration.

author Dr Ihab Hijazi

Dr Ihab Hijazi
Technical University of Munich, Germany, &
An-Najah National University, West Bank, Palestine

Introduction to LADM with Sarawak as Case Study

This tutorial discusses various aspects of Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) as a conceptual model for managing and handling land objects in 2D and 3D. LADM provides basic concept needed especially in land administration where it consists of related classes and their relationships. The classes later could be extended into several sub-classes depending on the situation where each class contains attributes describing the characteristics of objects.

In this tutorial, besides LADM Edition I, new edition of LADM will be introduced and discussed. The LADM Edition II contains multi-parts namely Part 1-Generic Information, Part 2-Land Registration, Part 3-Marine Georegulation, Part 4-Valuation Information and Part 5-Spatial Planning. The tutorial will explain the country profile development for the Sarawak State utilizing the concept of LADM. At the end of the tutorial, participants should be able to gain basic knowledges of the subject.

author Prof Dr Peter van Oosterom author Prof Dr Alias Abdul Rahman


  • Prof Dr Peter van Oosterom (TUDelft, Netherlands)
  • Prof Dr Alias Abdul Rahman (UTM, Malaysia)
  • Ainn Zamzuri (UTM, Malaysia)

LADM Part 4 Valuation information – The content and the implementation of the model

ISO 19152:2012 Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) has been systematically reviewed, starting from 2018, to refine the existing content and to extend the scope to cover all functions of land administration, including land use and land value. The LADM Edition II is designed as a multi-part standard and one of its parts is 19152-4 Valuation information, which extends the flexible and modular basis of the LADM and proposes an information model for the specification of valuation information maintained by public authorities. The LADM Edition II Part 4 is designed to facilitate all stages of the administrative valuation property, in particular (a) the identification of properties, (b) the valuation of properties by single or mass appraisal procedures, (c) the recording of transaction prices, (d) the production and representation of sales statistics, and (e) the handling of appeals.

In this tutorial, how LADM Part 4 can be used to represent these stages is explained in detail with examples (in other words, the principles of LADM Part 4 are explained), and the latest approaches proposed in the literature are presented for each stage. The conceptual model of LADM Part 4 is then presented. In order to implement LADM Part 4, a country profile is required, so the methodologies for developing a country profile are explained using the proposed country profiles of LADM Part 4. Finally, a demonstration of the visualization and dissemination of valuation information associated with 3D property units is presented and practical guidance on the tools used is given.

author Dr Abdullah Kara

Dr Abdullah Kara
Gebze Technical University, Istanbul, Turkiye

Marine Cadastral - Measurement, Modelling and Governance base on Land Administration Domain Model

In this tutorial, the concept of responsible land management will be described, which will be followed by an explanation on the construction of good marine governance through adaptation of responsible land management. Furthermore, examples on the utilization of LADM on marine and coastal governance will be given. Last but not least, guidance on the development of an inclusive responsible marine governance will also be provided.

author Dr Rizqi Abdulharis

Dr Rizqi Abdulharis (ITB, Indonesia)
Dr Muhammad Imzan Hassan (UTM, Malaysia)
Dr Abdullah Hisham Omar (UTM, Malaysia)


Schedule for International Conference

Date Time Activities
23rd Sept. 2024 09:00 – 17:00
Pre-conference Tutorials
Tentative Sessions:
  • LADM
  • 3D City Modelling & Digital Twins
  • BIM & GIS Integration
  • AI for Geoinformation
  • New Emerging Geospatial Tools & Technologies
24th Sept. 2024 *Exhibition from vendors and agencies 09:00 – 09:30
Opening Ceremony
Guest of Honour TRH Sarawak State Premier
09:30 – 10:30 Two (2) Keynotes
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:00 Two (2) Keynotes
12:00 – 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 – 17:00 Technical Sessions (Parallel)
FIG Commission 5 + FIG Commission 7 LADM & 3D LA + STDM Geoinformation Week
17:00 Coffee and End of Session
25th Sept. 2024 *Exhibition from vendors and agencies 09:00 – 10:30 Invited Talks (Major Sponsors and Leading Geospatial Agencies)
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:30 Technical Sessions (Parallel)
FIG Commission 5 + FIG Commission 7 LADM & 3D LA + STDM Geoinformation Week
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 – 17:00 Technical Sessions (Parallel)
FIG Commission 5 + FIG Commission 7 LADM & 3D LA + STDM Geoinformation Week
17:00 Coffee and End of Session
26th Sept. 2024 *Exhibition from vendors and agencies 09:00 – 10:30 Technical Sessions (Parallel)
FIG Commission 5 + FIG Commission 7 LADM & 3D LA + STDM Geoinformation Week
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:30 Technical Sessions (Parallel)
FIG Commission 5 + FIG Commission 7 LADM & 3D LA + STDM Geoinformation Week
12:30 – 13:00
Closing Ceremony
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
15:00 Technical Tour and Social Visit
GALA Dinner
Guest of Honour (Second Minister for Natural Resources and Urban Development)


Important Dates
(for Geoinformation Week)

27th May 2024 Extended abstract submission (max. 2 pages, single column format) for Geoinformation Week
1st July 2024
Notification of extended abstract acceptance
31th July 2024
15 July 2024
Full paper & camera-ready submission
30th August 2024 Payment Deadline for accepted papers by Authors
23rd September 2024 Pre-conference Tutorials
24 - 26 September 2024 Conference day

Submit your manuscript

Paper Submission

Call for Full Paper (for Geoinformation Week)

Dear Authors,

We are pleased to announce that the extended abstracts have been reviewed and approved for full paper submissions. It is imperative that all abstracts be revised to address the suggestions and comments provided by the reviewers. The corrected full papers must be submitted to EasyChair by 31 July 2024.

Please ensure that your full paper adheres to the Springer LNGC format and is between 10 to 15 pages in Microsoft Word format.

All reviewers' comments and suggestions must be thoroughly addressed in your full papers.

Important: Papers will not be accepted and published if they do not comply with the required corrections and formatting guidelines.

Additionally, authors need to submit the following documents to

  • Plagiarism report
  • Proofreading report (by an external party)
  • Full paper in Word (with comments from the proofreader)
  • Full paper in PDF

When submitting these documents, please mention your paper ID in the email subject line.

Thank you for your valuable contributions. We look forward to seeing you in Kuching city this September.

Best regards,

Prof. Alias Abdul Rahman
Chair, Geoinformation Week 2024

Springer LNGC book cover
All accepted full papers will be published in Springer's Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography (LNG&C) series.

Call for Extended Abstract

You are invited to submit full extended abstract of your intended paper to be reviewed by the reviewers. All accepted extended abstract will be notified for full paper submission accordingly. We plan to publish all accepted papers with Springer Nature (Switzerland) as Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography (LNGC) series.

General Remarks

  • You are kindly asked to prepare your Extended Abstract in Word Document (*.docx / *.docm) using the provided template file locally on your own computer.
  • The Extended Abstract should be clear, concise and written in English with correct spelling and good sentence structure.
  • The submission of a Extended Abstract carries with it the obligation that it is actually presented at the Conference by the author or by one of the co-authors.

Submission Category

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Geoinformation Week

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FIG Abstracts Database

FIG Commission 5

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Sponsorships & Exhibition

Co-organizer / Platinum Sponsor

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Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation

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Additional Sponsorship by

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Participating Exhibitors

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Geotech Solutions

We offer the following opportunities for your company to engage with potential clients, and partners in this international event as speakers in the Industrial Talk session and also in exhibition.

RM 35,000
RM 25,000
RM 15,000
Exhibition Booth
RM 8,000

Fees and Registration

Conference Registration Fee Details

Normal Participant
RM 2,300
RM 1,300
Pre-conference Tutorial
RM 600
Discount Package
(Normal Participant + Pre-conference Tutorial)
RM 2,700
Discount Package
(Student + Pre-conference Tutorial)
RM 1,700
Group Package
(Exclusive to Normal Participant Registrations)
Register 5, Get 1 Free
* All conference participants must pay the registration fee. For each paper/poster, at least one author must attend and pay the registration fee.


Registration for
All Tracks

Join us at Geoinformation Week, featuring LADM, FIG Commission 5 and 7, and UN Habitat STDM. Register now for the event.

Upload Document

Please upload proof of payment and/or a copy of your student card for verification.

Land Administration & Climate Action Workshop

Participate in our workshop on land administration and climate action.

Mode of Payment

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer (for local participants) and via Flywire (for International participants).

Payment via Bank Transfer (local participants)

Payable to:
Uni-Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
Account No.:
Bank Address:
CIMB Bank Berhad
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
Taman Universiti, Skudai Branch,
81300 Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia.

Payment via Flywire (International participants)

Payable to:
Vot 2449
Please enter the amount indicated by the category in Malaysian Ringgit (RM)


Travelling Info

Visa and Letter of Invitation

Dear participants,

If you require to apply for a VISA to attend this conference in Malaysia, please email to us, so that we can write you a support letter for the VISA application.

Please email to with the subject of your email – VISA Application for Joint International Conference 2024. Please include the following particulars in your email:

  1. Full name
  2. Office affiliation and designation
  3. Contact details

Thank you.

Getting to Kuching


Visitors to Sarawak are required to fill in an immigration form upon arrival. Malaysia has strict anti-drug trafficking laws and those caught smuggling illegal drugs will be sentenced to a mandatory death penalty. Every person entering the country must possess a valid Passport or internationally recognized Travel Document. Visitors may also use a Document in lieu of Passport from the Immigration Representative for entry purposes. Application for the Document in lieu of Passport can be made at any Malaysian Representative Office abroad. The documents shall be valid, for more than six (6) months from the date of entry into Malaysia.

Visa Requirement

Foreign nationals who require a visa to enter Malaysia must apply and obtain a visa in advance at the Malaysian Representative Office before entering the country. A visa is an endorsement in a passport or other recognized travel document of a foreigner indicating that the holder has applied for permission to enter Malaysia and that permission has been granted. A visa that has been granted is not a guarantee that the holder will be allowed to enter Malaysia. The final decision lies with the Immigration Officer at the entry point.

Read more here for Visa requirement by Country.

Return Travel Ticket and Sufficient Funds

A visitor is also required to present proof of his financial ability to finance his/her stay in Malaysia together with a confirmed return ticket to another destination.

Arrival/Departure Card (IMM.26)

A visitor is required to complete the Arrival/Departure Card (Imm.26) upon arrival at the gazette entry points. This card is obtainable at any entry point, Malaysian Representative office abroad or travel agencies.

A visitor must present his/her passport together with the duly completed arrival / departure card to the Immigration officer on duty and he/she must ensure that the passport or travel document is endorsed with the appropriate pass before leaving the immigration counter.


We would like to kindly inform you that the Para SUKMA Sarawak 2024 sports event will take place from September 22-28 in Kuching, coinciding with our conference week. Due to the anticipated increase in visitors for this significant event, we humbly recommend booking your hotel accommodations early to ensure availability. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Participants are kindly requested to find and book their hotel accommodations either through the hotel's official website or via online services such as or

Please browse our map for suggested hotels nearby the conference venue.

Nearby Hotels
Sorted from nearest to furthest


    For attendees arriving from KLIA, you have two options to reach Kuching, Sarawak:

    1. Transit at KLIA: You can transit directly at KLIA.
    2. Take Another Flight: Alternatively, book a flight from KLIA to Kuching International Airport (KUL KCH), which is approximately an hour and 30 minutes travel time.

    Flights can be booked through:

    1. AirAsia
    2. Malaysia Airlines
    3. Other available flight operators

    For attendees arriving from Singapore, upon arrival at Changi Airport, you can book a flight from Changi Airport to Kuching International Airport (SIN KCH). Flights can be booked through:

    1. AirAsia
    2. Scoot
    3. Other available flight operators

    Ground Transportation

    As you arrive at the Kuching International Airport (KIA) terminal, you may use popular e-hailing services in Malaysia such as Grab, Maxim, AirAsia Ride, and others to proceed to your destination hotel or conference venue. Additionally, you can get airport taxi services before exiting the terminal building.

    Grab logo Maxim logo AirAsia Ride logo

    Please download these mobile apps directly from Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) or Huawei AppGallery (Huawei).

    Practical Arrangements

    After You Arrive
    1. Weather

      In Kuching city, Malaysia, the average high temperature in September is approximately at 33°C (88°F) while the average low temperature is around 25°C (77°F). The weather forecast is expected to be windy and cloudy with occasional rain.

    2. Electricity

      (i) In Malaysia the standard voltage is 240V and the frequency is 50hz. If your electrical appliance uses 110/120V, you will need a voltage converter. You can also consider a combined power plug adapter/voltage converter.

      (ii) Bring a universal plug and/ or adaptor for your electrical equipment. In Malaysia the power plugs and sockets are of Type G.

      Type G power sockets
    3. Currency

      Malaysian Ringgit (code:MYR or symbol:RM) is the official currency of Malaysia. Available banknotes are in six denominations (biggest to smallest): RM 100, RM 50, RM 20, RM 10, RM 5 and RM 1. While for coins: 50 sen, 20 sen, 10 sen, and 5 sen.

    4. Local Time

      Local time in Malaysia is 8 hours ahead of GMT (GMT+8).

    Safety Tips
    1. Health Insurance & Medical Requirements

      Each participant MUST prepare his/her own medical and travel insurance and it should cover the period of stay in Malaysia. If any medical treatment is required during the event in Malaysia, the medical expenses shall be borne by the participant.

    2. Packing

      (i) Avoid bringing other valuable things.

      (ii) Personal belongings such as laptop, wallet, money, phone, camera and passport will be your responsibility. Please take/bring it along with you during the event.

      (iii) Clothes (as recommended in the schedule). Bring a light jacket, the event venue is air-conditioned.

      (iv) Bring a universal adaptor for your electrical equipment.


    Scientific Committee

    International Scientific Program Committee 
    • Abdullah Alattas (Saudi Arabia)
    • Abd. Halim Hamzah (Malaysia)
    • Abdul Rauf Abdul Rasam (Malaysia)
    • Abdullah Kara (Turkiye)
    • Agharroud Kamal (Morocco)
    • Alexis R. Claridades (The Philippines)
    • Ali Jamali (Canada)
    • Alias Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)
    • Ami Hassan Md Din (Malaysia)
    • Anuar Ahmad (Malaysia)
    • Ariel Blanco (The Philippines)
    • Ayin M. Tamondong (The Philippines)
    • Fadil Abdelhamid (Morocco)
    • Filip Biljecki (Singapore)
    • Gurcan Buyuksalih (Turkiye)
    • Hafiz Sharkawi (Malaysia)
    • Hande Demirel (Turkiye)
    • Hassan Rhinane (Morocco)
    • Ihab Hijazi (Germany)
    • Ismail Karas (Turkiye)
    • Ivin Amri Musliman (Malaysia)
    • Izham M. Yusoff (Malaysia)
    • Japp Zevenbergen (The Netherlands)
    • Jasper Pasch (Sweden)
    • Jeark A. Principe (The Philippines)
    • Jing Sun (Sweden)
    • Khaled Alkabani (Oman)
    • Kherun Nita Ali (Malaysia)
    • Mazlan Hashim (Malaysia)
    • Mehdi Maanan (Morocco)
    • Mehmet Alkan (Turkiye)
    • Mohd Nazri Md Reba (Malaysia)
    • Mohsen Kalantari (Australia)
    • Muhammad Imzan Hassan (Malaysia)
    • Muhammad Uznir Ujang (Malaysia)
    • Omar Alami (Morocco)
    • Othman Zainon (Malaysia)
    • Peter van Oosterom (The Netherlands)
    • Rizqi Abdulharis (Indonesia)
    • Rosalie B. Reyes (The Philippines)
    • SafiaLoulad (Morocco)
    • Serdar Bayburt (Turkiye)
    • Sisi Zlatanova (Australia)
    • Soon Kean Huat (Singapore)
    • Suhaibah Azri (Malaysia)
    • Thomas Kolbe (Germany)
    • Trias Aditya (Indonesia)
    • Umit Isikdaq (Turkiye)
    • Volker Cors (Germany)
    • Wan Anom Wan Aris (Malaysia)
    • Yong Chien Zheng (New Zealand)
    • Youness Dehbi (Germany)
    • Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)
    • Zulkepli Majid (Malaysia)
    • Zulkiflee Abd Latif (Malaysia)
    Local Scientific Committee 

    • Alias Abdul Rahman
    • Abd Halim Hamzah
    • Ivin Amri Musliman
    • Kelvin Tang Kang Wee
    • Muhammad Imzan Hassan
    • Othman Zainon
    • Ramzi Abdillah
    • Sediah Anak Duat
    • Stephen Ling Jin Huat
    • Suzanna Noor Azmy
    • Tajul Ariffin Musa
    • Wan Anom bt Wan Aris
    • Ainn Zamzuri


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